Saffron Chefs

History of Saffron

Saffron (Crocus sativus) is a spice that only grows in select areas in the world. The spice is cultivated by removing the stigmas from the flower after it has bloomed. Usually the gestation period for a saffron flower is 5 months. The stigma or thread that grows out from the base of the flower is the part used for cooking and is always a deep crimson colour; the flowers are a pastel purple colour. Usually there are 3 stigmas per flower; cultivating a kilogram of saffron requires around 75,000 flowers.

Saffron exhibits a honey like aroma that has slight hint of grass or hay. There are several different types of saffron and they are usually characterized and named depending on where they are grown. The three major types of saffron are Kashmiri, Spanish and Persian and are sometimes called Mongra, Coupe and Sargol respectively. These types of saffron grow in the regions for which they are named.

Why Saffron Chefs?

Saffron is a prized exotic spice which embodies the rare commodities of quality and mystery in a single entity. It is for this reason that the name Saffron Chefs is so apt for our talented team who intend to set taste-buds a flutter!

The intention is to provide a food experience that is exquisite and out of this world. An experience never to be forgotten where clients leave filled with a taste sensation beyond their imagination, their mouths watering until the next delectable feast…..

Saffron Chefs was born auspiciously on Women’s Day 9 August 2010, by mother and daughter Gail and Alexis Mortimer. Well known community members of KZN Lower South Coast. Alexis is a highly qualified chef and her culinary expertise can be attributed to having trained and worked with the gastronomic elite: The Christina Martin School of International Food & Win, The SA Chef Academy under acclaimed Chef Garth Stroebel, Lynton Hall with Chef Richard Carstens as well as having 4 years experience in 5 Star Relais Châteaux establishments.

Saffron Chefs have evolved into a family business: Rob Mortimer, together with his wife Gail, attend to the daily running, marketing and management side of this dynamic business, while their son Devon Mortimer works alongside Chef Alexis Mortimer in mastering his culinary skills.

Saffron Culinary Studio

Saffron Chefs Specialize In:

  • Private functions in the culinary studio
  • Catering for all events such as corporate lunches, weddings, birthdays, specialty events, dinner parties to name a few
  • Training and Development